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Thursday, 13 September 2018


Hola! Como Estas! 😁
I'm in a very good mood today, knowing that I am back to working out and eating healthy, still on my Plant-based diet of course which will stay with me till eternity, as there is no way I won't eat meat again, gracias to 'What The Health' for opening my brown eyes!
Hope you are all well? 

Because of the ups and turns I've had for the last couple of months, and I needed to do another blog post, I'd like to take the time to show you all what I love doing best, and that is retail..............



Saturday, 16 June 2018



It's been a WHILE since I've logged on here and it's been a good and bad thing. I say bad because I genuinely miss typing up on my blog/diary and because since coming back from Tenerife, A WHOLE lot has happened, and I say good because finally I feel like my life is slowly progressing together and I honestly feel more happy than I ever was before.

I'll briefly break it down as I don't want to tell you my whole life in 20 pages, knowing me I type for days, but let's just say in March 2018, my life began. Basically I was at a job before, I did not like, let's just say I went into trouble with a few people that I worked with, but thank God everything turned out to be calm as communication is always key, plus I've made friends and a best friend there who I still keep in contact with which was the only positive. However, I do not regret doing this as we all have to learn from somewhere, I did leave the job thinking I was going to get a job in 5 minutes, because I was still not happy, so I left without any job and then BAM, I was unemployed for several months. 

Me being me, I am a very very picky person when it comes to practically anything. I knew this time, I wanted a job I know I could stick to and will keep me busy and most importantly everyone is being treated fairly etc. 
But word of advice kids, do not leave a job without finding a job first!


Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Ah, Hermosa Tenerife!

HOLA! I'm back in the UK guys, came back safely by the grace of God on the 17th October in the night time. Didn't even manage to get much sleep that night as myself being a tidy freak, I didn't want to pack all my things the next day, as the next day was the day I catch up on sleep.

Moving on, on a positive note, I had a freaking fantastic holiday, and my friend and I was contemplating whether to lose our passport deliberately, just because we wanted to stay. My friend even suggested to push her over a moving car on the road, and she wouldn't even tell the police on me, because she and myself wanted to stay so badly! (Love you Shar!) 😊

Firstly, some of you may laugh or some may think I'm dumb, but please don't judge me ya'll. I basically thought the 13th was on a Thursday, I basically got all my stuff that I planned on my notes to help me remember the stuff I needed as I'm one of those organised freaks. On my notes, I made sure I had stuff like  moisturiser, SPF, towel, hair stuff, themed clothes, extra clothes, face wash, even a PVC bath mat as I'm a germaphobe or maybe I'm just extra....

So my friend rang me on Wednesday, that day I booked for extra luggage also, as I said before, I usually carry extra clothes as I can be picky with what I want to wear on days. When I was booking my extra luggage, the different people I spoke to, to pay for allowance, I even told them I was flying out the next day and they didn't even bother to correct me. NONE of them did.

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